One Time

One time you’re proposing love everlasting  One time you’re yearning for companionship  One time you’re going crazy in love  One time you couldn’t wait to see your significant other  One time all it took to be happy was a text from your lover  One time you were promising heaven on earth One time you were … More One Time

The Other Side

  That which we long to have and that which our hearts desire, are on the other side of our fears For greatness is not accomplished by trepidation But these fears are roadblocks, a stumbling block to our verve Deep inside there’s a fire but on the outside, it’s tenebrous Engulfed by that which we … More The Other Side

“I used to…”

Someone asked if I knew you, A million thoughts rushed through my mind, then I smiled and said, “I used to” I used to know you, now you’re lost in my memory. Your love used to fill me each and everyday, now I’m starving and it kills me inside in every way. I used to … More “I used to…”

Possessive Pilgrims

We have journeyed on our own for way too long oh Lord!!! We are traveling a self-made course raking in properties in a world that’s not our own…We’ve become possessive pilgrims. We have made decisions and taken actions at our own accord with a mind created by none of our own. We live a life … More Possessive Pilgrims

Dear Mama

“Puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussssssssshhhhhhhhh” I could hear the nurses scream as you tried to get me out of your womb, Mama. The nurses said, “just a little more, almost out”…but you were tired and couldn’t help yourself, oh Mama! But you found strength in your weakness and gave one last ‘push’, an awkward silence filled the room but … More Dear Mama


Woman- A force of attraction, your muse or your distraction. Woman- A mother, lover and friend. Woman- Amazingly sophisticated. Woman- A tremendous work of art carved out of nature’s first master. From her womb, she bares forth the bravest of hearts to the most faint-hearted of the homo-sapiens. From the enchantment in her eyes, through … More Wo-MaN